This week was rough for me. I had work, school, and I was moving over the weekend when I would normally be do homework. I tried as hard as I could to keep up with everything but man, life just got in the way. I know this was only the first of many stressful moments, conflicts and cramming. Just have to stay motivated and put in the effort to stay ahead or commit to doing the work to catch back up.

1 | “What has your experience learning to code been like so far? What would you change about it?”

A little overwhelming at times but so far, so good! I really enjoy the class structure of ACA, the flipped classroom has been so much better for me than any other educational experience I’ve had up to this point.

2 | “How do you describe the DOM, as you know it so far?”

The DOM (Document Object Model) is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows us to visualize and understand data. It holds the tools we need to build, modify and style the that data into a human-friendly representation.

3 | “Can you explain the difference between coding a website to be responsive and using a mobile-first strategy?”

Coding a website means the inital wireframing and layout will be based on the viewport of a desktop or large device and the code will need to be responsive to adjust to the the smaller screen of a mobile device.

4 | “What does coding look like to you in your mind?”

Well, HTML looks a lot like how I write my grocery list, if I wrote things as tags:



  • <Oranges>
  • <Apples class=”grannySmith">
  • <Avocados >



Etc… lots of parent/child elements!

CSS feels more like writing out blueprints as bulletpoints.

Not just about JS yet. They all seem very logical though, once you get the hang of it.

5 | “Where do you see yourself working in 365 days from today? What do you want to be working on?”

I’m not ready to end my career as a dancer quite yet but I would love to add on a part time coding job and be working on my own projects on the side. I have a few ideas of how tech can help the dance industry and I’ll hopefully be bringing some of those ideas to life this time next year.