I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this much later than I meant to, but after writing my own higher-order functions from scratch I understand them much better and can really appreciate them now. Time to re-do our pig latin assignment with .map() instead of a forEach loop!

Q | Describe the main difference between a forEach loop and a .map() loop. Why you would pick one versus the other?

A | A forEach loop doesn’t actually return anything. It just executes a function once for each array element. On the other hand, .map() will do the same, but returns…

Q | What’s the difference between an “attribute” and a “property”?
A | HTML has attributes directly connected to HTML elements. In the example <input type=”text” value=”0"> “type” and “value” are both attributes on the input tag. In Javascript we can access these attributes through properties that exists on the element’s DOM nodes.
The “value” attribute is currently set to 0. If we wanted to update that through JS we would access the value property for “input” like so: input.value = newValue; Now the value of input is whatever you put in place of “newValue”

Q | What is the…

Week 2 — Clean Code

I’m already feeling slightly less intimidated by JavaScript… Still quite daunting but it’s starting to feel more familiar.

Q. | “What actions have you personally taken on recent projects to increase maintainability of your code?”

A. | I’m trying to get better about adding comment throughout my code. Intrinsic Documentation is also something I’m trying to work on. I feel like my code sometimes is indented weird, and hard to read because I move things around a bit and say “oh, I’ll fix that later” or “I’ll rename that variable later…” then forget. So I’m trying to do a better job out the gate of using logical variable names, formatting my code correctly and adding useful comment for each piece of the code.

1 | “Describe one thing you’re learning in class today.”

My favorite thing I learned in class tonight was how to use conditionals in in/else statements, and even more so, how to clean up the code and include multiple conditionals within a single if or else statement. I also want to dive into switch cases now.

2 | “What is the difference between == and === ?”

In JavaScript, a == means that two variables are being compared, ignoring their datatype. Therefore a comparison of “2” (a string) and 2 (a number) will return true. On the other hand, when…

Well, that’s it, made it through Web 101! On to a deep-dive into JavaScript. But first, some final questions:

1 | “Think back on your first day of class. How did you think websites were built? Now how do you think they’re built? What’s the difference in your thinking?”

Outside of knowing the names of some of the different languages that are used to build website, I knew very little.

2 | “What have you gained through this course beyond code? Beyond technical savvy?”

There’s definitely been a bit of personal development as well. That’s been a focus of mine for the past couple of years but this course showed me how to apply those concepts to my work…

1 | “How has this course changed your outlook on learning? What’s changed? Why?”

I’m obsessed with the flipped classroom model now. It’s made me a better student because it holds me accountable for my own learning. If I don’t get my pre-class work done, it’s on me if I’m behind. But on the flip side if I get everything done and use it as a jumping off point for my own research and play with the concepts that are covered I go into class feeling super comfortable and prepared.

2 | “When frustration comes up how do you be…

This week we’re not talkin’ about coding! We’re going on a deep-dive into my life and my brain:

1 | “How do you describe the feeling of Imposter Syndrome? When does it affect you the most? Why?”

Up to this point, I haven’t experienced Imposter Syndrome with Coding, yet… but I have struggled with it a lot this past year, in my current job, so I know what to watch for. Sometimes it feels like I’m not supposed to be here, like I got her by a stroke of luck or maybe they meant to call someone else and got…

Eventually it’ll make sense.

I’m not going to lie, I’m impressed with myself and how far I’ve already come in the past.. 4 weeks.

  • Everything seems much less complicated after doing it 50 times. “Practice makes progress"
  • Failure just means you learned one more way that it doesn’t work — still learning, still counts!

1 | “How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar?”

I guess to put it as simply as possible: they both help bring the website to life and make it usable. CSS is in charge of the layout and style of the web page. …

This week was rough for me. I had work, school, and I was moving over the weekend when I would normally be do homework. I tried as hard as I could to keep up with everything but man, life just got in the way. I know this was only the first of many stressful moments, conflicts and cramming. Just have to stay motivated and put in the effort to stay ahead or commit to doing the work to catch back up.

1 | “What has your experience learning to code been like so far? What would you change about it?”

Week 1

Alright, we’re finishing up week one of classes. If you could take a look into my brain right now you would see mansion with rooms full of filing cabinets. Right now there’s in desk in a room labeled “coding” and that desk is currently overflowing with new files… The information has all made it into the right room, I just haven’t quite been able to file it away yet. It needs be reviewed again (probably several more times) before it makes it into long-term storage. I‘ve decided I just need to accept the fact that new information is…

Claire Sheek

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